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‘Sea-salt’ Salty Free Range Chicken 海盐走地鸡

海盐走地鸡 ’Sea-salt’ Salty Free Range Chicken.

Price: RM38.00
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Sea-salt Chicken

原汁原味,齿甲留香, 令你每一口都是美味与回味.
Savour Every Taste, Reminisce Each Moment.

古祖家乡味 A Taste of Hometown.


- 以放养的模式饲养
- 以海藻喂食
- 在无臭味、无苍蝇的大自然环境中饲养

In today’s modern society, everyone seems too busy to cook a hearty meal gathering the necessary cooking ingredients, cleaning them and finally giving it a culinary touch, all seemsextremely tedious and undeniably time-consuming.

Our company, which is highly experiential in producing domestic Malay ‘WenChang’ Chicken in a traditional manner, aims to instill convenience in cooking and promote good health to everyone.

Our latest health-food endeavour, also known as ‘Sea-salt’Salty Free Range Chicken’, mirrors our chickens being hygienically reared, meeting a very high scientific method of development, with a traditional perspective.

Our ‘Sea-salt’ Salty Free Range Chickens’ are bred in a completely natural and odourless environment. The cultivation process allows the chicken to move up and about freely with utmost autonomy, so as to build up their natural strength and health. Further, they are fed with seaweed, which enhances the nutritive value within them.

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