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天津茶室 & 光兴茶室 House of Mirrors – Thean Chun, and Kong Heng

Restaurant Name: Thean Chun (天津茶室), and Kong Heng (光兴茶室)
Where: 73, Jalan Bandar Timah, Old Town, Ipoh, Perak..
Business Hours: Opening morning and afternoon only.

Thean Chun (天津茶室) and Kong Heng (光兴茶室) are definitely members of Ipoh hall of fame of restaurant. These two restaurants are located side by side inside the Old town. Visitor definitely can find out the reason why they can become the representative of Ipoh restaurant from the original old-style interior to the remarkable food taste.

House of Mirros – Thean Chun. The interior design of these restaurants alone is able to tell the story of old days of Ipoh. The restaurant walls are in lined with large old mirrors, the chairs and tables are wooden made with marble on top, the street between two buildings is trying to tell the story of British colonel. Although the interior design is giving the visitors an old days feeling, the restaurants are still very energetic.

While talking about the food here, the creme caramel(炖蛋) is to die for and if customer get there any later than the normal lunch hours, most often they would have sold out. Other than that, the Ipoh chicken Kuey Teow is definitely one of the highly recommended food here, which many newspaper had already reported it before. It is famous of it’s fragrant soup and soft and springy kuey teow. Same goes to the Popiah which is slightly larger than normal Popiah and have some nice crunchy bits on the inside with some soft vegetable filling and the savoury crunchy bits was a great combination. Other than these foods, there are a lot more others for example Zhu Chang Fen (猪肠粉), Yong Tao Fu (釀豆腐), Niu Nan Fen (牛腩粉) and others.

Overall, this shop has been around for ages and many people who live in Ipoh would have a lot of memories here. Some of them even taking their meal here since there are young. The food quality still able to maintain and the feeling of having meal here is as usual, like those old days in an Ipoh old kopitiam.


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